SQL Navigator and VPN issues


My company has recently moved our database servers (including LDAP server) to a remote data center. Now the main issue with SQL Nav is that it does not check whether the database connection is alive before attempting any actions on the database (running a query or exploring database objects) and it results frequent lock-ups and a need to kill sqlnavigator.exe using a task manager because it simply becomes unresponsive.

Second issue is that once SQL navigator has started you can connect to any of the databases, but 10-15 minutes later the connection to the LDAP nameserver drops and any attempt to reconnect to the same or a new database database results in
“ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified”. The only way to connect to the database is by opening a new instance of SQL Nav.

Also as I reported before, SQL Nav still has no check for busy connection (a query running against the database), so any attempt to use DB explorer causes SQL Nav to lock-up.

So I wonder if the development team can make some kind of method to keep the database connection alive and also to fix the name service querying by correctly re-initializing the connection to LDAP before trying to query it.

Hi Alexey,

We have already added a new option to keep sessions alive. It's available in our internal build and will be included in next beta. Attached screen shot shows where you can find it.

I need to review the other issues you reported (tns error and busy connection lock-up) and will get back to you later.



I use most of the time VPN with SQL Navigator and I do not have in the recent version that reported problem (I had it with older versions).

One nice feature that I love is that now most of the situations where SQLNav hangs trying to close it will make appear a window that (most of times) allows a “Try to recuperate (It’s not this wording)”