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Nav 7.0.1 Goes Gray

This is going to be a very vague post, and I know you will probably ask me a lot of questions, I will do my best to answer. I have not posted this before because I could not find no rhyme nor reason, but basically what happens is 7.0.1 “takes a nap”. It just stops working, I do not know why, I usually have to open 6.7 to continue. It will eventually return (I do not know how long it takes because I have moved to 6.7). Sometimes it occurs when I am executing a query and sometimes it happens when I am writing a query. At first I thought maybe it was my windows 7 pc, but i Have since had an entirely new window 7 pc and it still occurs. My odbc connects are sporadic at best due to business objects designer and old oracle forms 6.0… But navigator does not use either of these connections. It has happened connecting to a oracle 11 database as well as an oracle 8i database.

Again, sorry about the vague.

Hi Dale,

No worries, thanks for any of your feedback, we really appreciate that.

For this issue, could you please confirm for me the patch version first please? Is it or versions before? Because we used to get this kind of response issue in the earlier build and we get it fixed in the final patch 3033.

So if your build was download from community and the version is below 3033, I suggest you can have an update from our support.

But, if you are using and having this problem, could you please try to send your profile to me so that we can try to detect it easier? Thanks a lot for your help.



The Help about says so yes this seems to be the correct version. I will send the profile to the address specified.

Hi Dale,

I got your profile and restored yours to my 7.0.1, did a lot of operations(run query/execute object/typing…) but haven’t got any chance to reproduce it so far.

Could you please try to open SQL Tracker next time when you use v7.0.1 so that we can get some more information from the background when it snaps again?


Hi Dale.

I would like to check with you that if the file or the object you were editing has a large size when you get this problem? I met a response issue when I am trying to edit a large file, will continue to checking more for you.

I will turn tracker on the next time I use Nav 7.0 to see what is running when it “hour glasses” and goes gray. I was not editing a large file. But I was running queries that returned “large” amounts of data both Vertically and horizontally… It may have to do with System Resources? Maybe? I do know it does not tie directly to going to the last record.