Kerberos for Oracle in Toad Data Point

I am able to use Kerberos authentication using Toad for Oracle, however, the same configuration does not work using Toad Data Point.

Is there a method to support Kerberos authentication in Toad Data Point (6.0.5)?

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I'm not an expert on Kerberos, but if you've got this working with Toad for Oracle, and you're using the native Oracle connector in TDP (TNSnames) then you should be able to get this working on the TDP side too.

I'm wondering if this post helps any?

Otherwise, any TDP users out there who have gotten TDP to connect to Oracle via Kerberos authentication?

Thank you for your reply.

Toad for Oracle and Toad Data Point are using the same Oracle Client installation, so the configuration of Kerberos for the Oracle Client (what is discussed in the referenced post) is already correct (Sql*Plus also works using kerberos).

In order for Toad for Oracle to "fall through" to the Driver authentication, you use a username of "EXTERNAL" and an empty password in the database connection configuration.

However, as it appears to me, based on the resulting connection errors, Toad Data Point is attempting to connect using a literal "EXTERNAL" username and null password.

And thanks for further status, Jeffrey... if you haven't already, I'd suggest opening a Support ticket so that Quest can document, research their archives for a possible solution, and get Dev involved if necessary.

Then we can post the solution here for others who are trying to do the same thing.