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Request to add username/password through Oracle database with kerberos/AD on Toad for Oracle

Currently, we can login as usename : EXTERNAL. there is no sign in as username/password through Oracle database with kerberos/AD on Toad for Oracle

I don't understand how this would work.

If you enter a username/password, that's what we send to Oracle. If you need to login with OS authentication, the "EXTERNAL" keyword tells Toad "don't send a username/password, and the Oracle client will figure it out".

Are you talking about kerberos + proxy authentication? If so, you can do something like

Password: blank

see this thread: Issue Login into Oracle DB from Toad - #13 by Tharakesh

How would you login with sql*plus (from your desktop, not on the database server)?

I have to generate a token and then login to sqlplus /@. It is important to note that when you generate a token it will prompt you for the password

To geneate token following is the command we use

okinit @


It sounds like the username/password that you supply is not for Oracle, but Kerberos? Is that right?

So you get the token and then login without a username/password anyway? How is this a security benefit if it works even when you don't get the token? I'm not trying to give you a hard time, just trying to understand.

Though you have generated token, I cannot login to database without giving kerberos password in sql developer password filed.

so my point is without Kerberos password though you have generated token, you need kerberos password to login to the database using sqldevelper

in Toad, you just login to database as external, not even with token generated


Thanks for the information.

I'm not saying that we won't add this to Toad, but if we do, we won't take away the EXTERNAL option because a lot of people use that.