Kerberos - Connection Level Designations

Currently using Toad v15.1.113.1379
We are in the process of migrating our Oracle instances to the cloud. This migration comes with the new mandate that Kerberos authentication be used.
I love Toad and want to keep using it. However, with the current corporate configuration, I've only been able to get SQL Developer properly configured for Kerberos. I'm not giving up and attempting to track down everything required to get Toad configured.
In the process of doing this I've noticed that SQL Developer will provide the option to designate the authentication type for each connection. Which is useful when you have certain instances using Kerberos and others not using them. Toad on the other hand seems to rely on the sqlnet.ora file where the SQLNET.AUTHENTICATION_SERVICES parameter designates which authentication type wlll be used for all Toad Connections.
I was wondering if Toad is exploring enhancing Toad to have connection level authentication designations.

I'm sure we have users who connect through Kerberos to some DBs and not through Kerberos to others.

Have you tried multiple values in SQLNET.AUTHENTICATION_SERVICES? For example:
SQLNET.AUTHENTICATION_SERVICES = (KERBEROS5, NTS) (or whatever types you need)

Also, Oracle documentation says that you can specify AUTHENTICATION_SERVICE in tnsnames.ora, but it doesn't provide an example of it.

I know @raul.kaubi uses Kerberos. Got any tips, Raul?


I tested it a while ago, and I got this working with this configuration inside sqlnet.ora

#Kerberos Parameters

However, I did not fully configure it at the time. Within few months, I need to configure it to all of my databases, then let's see.

Also, note that Toad needs krb5.ini file instead on krb5.conf. So just rename the file. With the .ini file, I managed to get this to working.
When connecting, you need to specify username "EXTERNAL" and leave password blank.