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Lag between pressing a key and seeing it on the screen

A few of us started having this problem a few weeks ago. It comes and goes, but is present more than it is not. SQL Navigator Professional Edition

There is usually a lag between pressing a keyboard key and when the key appears on the screen. You can type an entire query and nothing appears on the screen until 2-5 seconds after you stop typing. The more you type, the longer the lag.

We haven’t been able to figure out what triggers the behavior. Sometimes SQL Navigator will show the behavior as soon as it starts, other times it suddenly starts. We use SQL Navigator for an Oracle 10 database and an Oracle 11 database and we have the problem with both databases.

Restarting SQL Navigator does not solve the problem. Reinstalling SQL Navigator likewise doesn’t help. Upgrading is not going to happen any time soon. Any ideas?

Hi John,

We believe your issue is the same as Andres reported with v6.4 a while ago where SQL Navigator runs the sql to check debug info for -

This issue has been fixed since v6.5. Hope that you could upgrade to the current version 6.6.

You can confirm if your issue relates to the debug info statement. Please start the SQL Tracker which can be found in the same program group of SQL Navigator and check if you see many of the following sql in the log for every key stroke:

SELECT debuginfo
INTO :result
FROM sys.all_probe_objects
WHERE owner = :owner
AND object_name = :name
AND object_type = :type
AND status = ‘VALID’;