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When trying to download and install .50 from within Toad, I get the following error: “This patch package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to verify this is a valid Windows Installer patch package.”

I should have mentioned that I tried from within Toad 3 or 4 times with no success. I just went to the Beta page and downloaded the latest patch, that one installed fine.

.50 still has the same problem as .49 - downloading .MSP file to a different directory than Toad uses to install. Will do the manual install again using the downloaded MSP file.

Hey msacks_703,

Hmm, I’m wondering if somehow the patch file got corrupted while it was being downloaded. When you get a moment, could you add the following line to your Toad.ini file:


Then, if you get that error again when trying to download .51, could you attempt the following two tests:

  1. Try executing the patch file manually by double-clicking on the MSP file that was downloaded by Toad.

  2. Try copying that patch file to your desktop and executing it from there.

Item #1 should tell us if the patch file was corrupted during the download. Item #2 should tell us if there’s a policy restriction on executing items from within your temp folder.

If neither of those steps work, could you then send me your ToadActivities.log file from your “User Files” folder?



Hey Dale,

The fix for this issue would take affect within .50, so you should see the change when you try to download .51. if you haven’t already, add the following to your Toad.ini file.


Then, if it still downloads to the wrong directory when .51 is released, can you send me your ToadActivities.log file, and we’ll see if we can track it down further from there.



That makes sense. If there’s a problem with .51, I’ll let you know.