Latest version of TDP is rubbish

Testing of this product before release is horrible. Latest version that was released in June 2023 is so slow. Automation that used to take less than a minute now takes more than 15 minutes.

Have had to return to 6.0 version.

Anyone else have the same issue?

Completely understand frustration, but would be courteous to put opinions aside and give forum readers more details please, so we can help.

Can you share what you're doing in the Automation (e.g. connections being made, steps used, etc.) and if you're running the automation job on your workstation or TIC?

Is the automation script running back to "normal" times when you went back to the 6.0 version?

Anyone else experiencing similar slowness in 6.1?

A year ago we were emailing each other about the scheduled automation being 4x slower verses running the automation manually. A defect was raised and to date has not been resolved.

The automation that was run in 6.0 is run on the same server that 6.1 was installed.

Comparison was 50 seconds in 6.0 and >15 minutes on 6.1.
Significant performance issues and freezing for the exact same job and exact same server.

Have since uninstalled 6.1 and won’t test again until next release. Just frustrating as upgrades are meant to be improvements.