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Left window and defaults

Hi SQLNav team -- I have a high resolution screen that enables me to have a fair amount of screen real estate. Therefore, in my SQLNav, I have a docked window on the right that has three tabs -- Project manager, Output and Code Templates. I have two simple questions / enhancement requests:

  1. Whenever I start SQLNav, it always goes to the output tab even though there is nothing there. Is there anyway to have it go to the project manager tab or the first tab (which is project manager for me)? Assuming there is not already something built in, the simplest enhancement would be to have it go to whatever the first tab is. If people want the output tab to come up, they can simply arrange the tabs so it is first.

  2. I use the code templates feature to store commonly used code snippets. Every time I go to the window, I have to do the same thing -- drag the horizontal divider down from it's default position so I can actually see the templates before I can choose. The divider seems to default to about 25% of the vertical window. Is there anyway to to have the position remembered along with the screen layout or, at least, have it default to 50% or 66% of the vertical space?

Thanks much!

Hi Mark,

  1. If you have the focus on the Project Manager when you close Nav, then you should see the Project Manager at next start-up. However, most likely you would have the focus on the output window when getting error message or other info text…

There is no option at the moment to go the first tab. We will raise a CR enhancement to make the changes for you as per request.

  1. We have raised a CR to make it persistent remembering the changes you make to the height of the Template windows.

Thanks and regards,

Thanks Bruce! The tip about leaving with the project manager window focus works like a champ. I don’t know that I ever particularly tried that. Thanks also for the CR on the template window.