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Vertical scrollbar in Output Window


Is it possible to add a vertical scrollbar in the Output Window? I think this was present in earlier versions.

Somebody have to keep you guys busy… :slight_smile:
I will recommend this board to my colleagues, I am sure they have a lot to contribute.

  • Starálfur


Hi Starálfur,

My output window (SQL Nav 5.5) does have a vertical scrollbar
See attached image

What version of Nav are you using?

We’ll be happy to see some activity from your colleagues too…
There’ll be a new beta build posted soon, so everyone can join in the fun!!



Guess I mean horizontal… Sorry! :slight_smile: It is getting late here in Norway, and I should probably sleep instead of writing these posts… But anyway, hope you can help!


I think that writing posts to the SQL Nav community is much more important than sleep!!


OK, I just have to stay awake, then! :wink:


This picture is illustrating my frustrations. Most error messages are even longer, and I have to make the window wider to see all the text. A scrollbar would be nice here…


Thanks for the clarification Starálfur,

I can see that having the output window docked to the right of the window, making it narrow, would be a pain without the horizontal scrollbar. That’s probably why I am used to having it at the bottom

I’ll log an enhancement request for this!!
See if we can get it more useable for you.
You can go to bed now… you’ve done a good days work!!



Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


Hi staralfur,

We have already made changes to give you the horizontal bar in the output window as per your request. It will be in the 1st 6.0 Beta build which will be available to you shortly :-).

Thanks for your feedback.



How’s that for service!!

Now you can tell your colleagues how responsive our development team is



I sure will! :slight_smile: