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Licencing Toad 10.5


First, sorry if my english is bad, i’m french

few mounth ago I download the trial version of Toad, today I want to launch the full version of toad and when I when I bring in my licence key i have an error that this key is not valide.

I uninstall the trial version first but it’s the same.

How can I launch Toad please?


You cannot use the trial download and load a legit key from prior version
– we block that – you must be on maintenance and download from the
official support site (which requires login).

Assuming you did download the official commercial non-trial version from support
there is probably a need to remove the trial footprint – so maybe Brad (QA
Manager) or Matt can reply.

As I recall, the trial version and the actual commercial version are different.
After you buy the Toad license, you can’t use that license key with the
trial version program; you must download and install the commercial version of
the program, and use your new license key with that version.

Nate Schroeder

Enterprise Services - Data Management Team

Monsanto Company

800 N. Lindbergh Blvd. LC4D - Saint Louis, MO - 63167