License Definition of “Seat”?

Hello All,

I’ve searched the forum and was unable to find the license metric definition of “Seat”, and the License Agreement does not appear to define this either. Can somebody shed some light on this? Is a seat based on the user assigned to the license, or how many devices it is installed on? If a user has a seat license, can they install on more than one computer as long as it is only being used on one at a time? Also, if that user has multiple versions installed, do they require more than one seat?



Hi Sam,

I’m not sure that anyone involved with licensing watches this forum. Try here:


Thanks John, I’ll pose the question there. Appreciate the help!


Hi Sam,

Have you seen this document? it's Quest product guide and it states the different metric definitions.


I have not, and that answers my questions exactly! Thank you very much for sharing this, Roxana!


I’m glad it helped :slight_smile:

How does the per seat definition apply if the application is installed in a vitrualized environment ??

That’s covered in the pdf, in the definition of Seat.

Hi Sam,
I have a very similar question to you.
Can you please confirm what I believe “Seat” means?

I think it means that it’s at user level so if I as a user has multiple version of Toad install on my laptop or even 2 laptops I own, this is 1 seat?


@SAM - You out there Sam.

I found this in our licence agreement so not sure it contradicts what a “Seat” means…

“This license consists of the right, for each licensed copy of the Software, to install, use, access, run, or otherwise interact with one copy of such Software on a single computer at a time, in and for Licensee’s own internal purposes and business operations, in accordance with the related Documentation”