Trial License not Received

I'm able to download Toad for Oracle Developer 16.2. Where can I get the trial license?

I think it is supposed to come by email after you download it. Did you check your spam folder? I assume you downloaded from here and put in your email address.

Hi JohnDorlon,

Yes, I did provide my email.

Also, can't see any spam email

I can ask someone internally about it. It may take a few hours because they aren't awake yet due to time zone differences. If you have another email address to try in the meantime, that might be worth a shot.


Thanks, JohnDorlon, well appreciated. I've also reached support and am able to create a case. If you're able to ask someone internally, here is case# 01959707.

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Support is probably the best way to go, actually.

Hi John. Thank you for your help. Someone drop me an email with a trial key :slight_smile:

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