License question version 11 vs 12

OK, so I ordered version from my company AppStore!

The ordering process went fine!

I got all the approvals. Got the PO. Got an invoice with the License information; ready for install by the IT install team…

At the 11th hour, the install team advised that the installation would not happen due to installing version which is not the current version?

Where do I go from here!!! Refund the purchase and start the process over???

Please advise.


11.5 is 5+ years old and 12.10 is one year old. If your IT department wants you to be on the current Toad version that would be 12.12 released one week ago. I don’t know what it means to purchase from your company app store, but if they route the PO through Quest or another vendor then you should be able to get 12.12. Perhaps they can credit your 12.10 purchase towards the current version?? You’ll want to contact Quest Sales or the vendor from which it was purchased.


Hi AJM57,

Based on your post, it sounds like you simply need to download the latest version of Toad for Oracle. You can download it from here:

Once you download the correct installer, you should be able to install it and enter the license you received from Quest.