Session Browser Screen Layout

Hi, i

n session browser I hit some key and now the display on the right is mostly blank (see attached). Is there a way to get the default settings for the session browser restored or is this a bug?

I can make the left hand side spaced tall like that by dragging the bottom of a column header down. In your case, it looks like the "Logon Time" column was dragged down. You can just drag it back up again to restore.

As far as the right.... It looks like it is blank because you have nothing selected on the left.

But, to answer your question, you can restore the Session Browser to its default layout by first shutting down Toad, then in the GUISettings folder, under User Files, delete these files:


There are also some .grd and .grdo files in there with "TSessionBrowserForm" as part of the name. These are related to grid settings within the Session Browser. You can delete these too if you want, but you probably don't need to.

Thank you. That worked. Learn something new everyday