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Load Database Object - Grid Display is empty


Whenever I open the “Load Database Object” and select “TRIGGER”, the contents of the triggers is now shown. In the screen print below I have “grouped” by Type to show that there 28 triggers which should be displayed. The same issue occurs even if I am not grouping by Type. Resizing the screen resolves the display issue.

The issue seems to have started once I started using the Beta release. I’m currently using



Hi David. I see something similar to what you’re seeing. If I choose “trigger” from dropdown it appears the column headers and “group by” box at the top of the list are missing, however I am seeing trigger names listed. I’m sure what we’re both seeing is the same issue. I’ll get this logged and work with the developer to get it fixed.



Fixed in 13.1. The fix will be in the next beta ( or higher).