Partial display of data in Data grids

I can't see the data in the grids in its entirety, some are partially hidden with the "..." mark. Displaying the same query result in the GA works fine. My settings are the same in the two versions.

Hi Tamas,

I'm not seeing that problem when I select * from dba_objects on Windows 10.

Do you see this on every query? What if you right-click in the grid and choose "reset columns"?

If your beta is not up to date (17.1.559.3176) then please update and try again. There was some changes in for a couple of betas before that which may have caused this, and those changes were removed in this latest beta.


Hello John,

I'm on the latest beta
Toad for Oracle Professional (64-bit)

Yes, I've experienced the same thing in most (but not all) cases, no matter of using Schema Browser or using the same query in the Editor. "Reset columns" was the first thing I tried to solve the problem, but using it made no difference.

I'm using a 4k display with 200% display scale (maybe it matters).

I can reproduce this and it will be approximately roughly more or less fixed next beta.

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Hello John!

This issue occurs again in the latest beta (17.1.654.3493) and in the previous one version also.

did it go away and then come back or did my change not fix it?
Can you give me a "select from dual" to reproduce it and let me know your screen resolution?

It went away but I realized the same issue again, today. Updated to the latest beta, it is a problem in that version also.

Screen resolution: