Partial display of data in Data grids

I can't see the data in the grids in its entirety, some are partially hidden with the "..." mark. Displaying the same query result in the GA works fine. My settings are the same in the two versions.

Hi Tamas,

I'm not seeing that problem when I select * from dba_objects on Windows 10.

Do you see this on every query? What if you right-click in the grid and choose "reset columns"?

If your beta is not up to date (17.1.559.3176) then please update and try again. There was some changes in for a couple of betas before that which may have caused this, and those changes were removed in this latest beta.


Hello John,

I'm on the latest beta
Toad for Oracle Professional (64-bit)

Yes, I've experienced the same thing in most (but not all) cases, no matter of using Schema Browser or using the same query in the Editor. "Reset columns" was the first thing I tried to solve the problem, but using it made no difference.

I'm using a 4k display with 200% display scale (maybe it matters).

I can reproduce this and it will be approximately roughly more or less fixed next beta.

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Hello John!

This issue occurs again in the latest beta (17.1.654.3493) and in the previous one version also.

did it go away and then come back or did my change not fix it?
Can you give me a "select from dual" to reproduce it and let me know your screen resolution?

It went away but I realized the same issue again, today. Updated to the latest beta, it is a problem in that version also.

Screen resolution:

Hello John,

Do you have a solution for this bug? Can this be fixed in the final 17.11GA version?
Thank you for your answer.

Hi Tamas,

Sorry, I forgot about this. I can reproduce it on a 200% display. Let me see if there is something more I can do here.


Actually, I am having trouble reproducing this consistently and I don't know how I reproduced it earlier today.

I am running Toad beta on a 200% scaled display, with a freshly reset user files folder.

What font settings are you using in the grid?

Options -> Data Grids -> Visual. Just check with "Simple".


Hello John,

I don't know if this bug has been fixed for 17.1GA version, but I've data grids where the full content of the cell is not visible in the GA version.

Hi Tamas,

I did make a change when you initially reported this, and I think I also made some further changes, but I am now unable to reproduce any more problem here, so I'm not sure what I need to change.

using you SQL from before:

select '"beginning_____122123231231321___itistheend"' from dual

this is what I see on my 4K display at 200% scaling.

it's tricky. Please try the following queries...

select '*begin__1234567890987654321__end*' as x from dual
union all
select '*begin__5678901234321098765__end*' as x2 from dual;

select '*begin__1234567890987654321__end*'  from dual
union all
select '*begin__5678901234321098765__end*' as x2 from dual;


And sometimes I can see the same situations in SB| Tables RHS|Data tab.

View/Edit Query and send the query to Editor, do some alias change in the column list

For me your example came out fine:

What about using Tahoma font for display of 'Data'? Or do you have the same settings as me?

Ahh, I can reproduce this with Tahoma 9. Both Tahoma 8 and Tahoma 10 work ok.

I have a hard time typing "Tahoma". After the "T", my fingers go for "o" and "a". :smiley:

I just tested the opposite. Using the Segoe UI font with a font size of 9, it works fine. However, setting the font size to 10 or 11 again cuts off some of the cell content.

I've recorded steps to reproduce this in our bug tracking system.

The problem is either in Delphi (development environment) or Dev Express (3rd party grid component). I'll have to work up a demo app and submit the bug to them.

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