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Loading Procedures/Packages... - Eternally!!! :|

Hi, I have a problem: when I try to make a DB conection take a lot of time to load Procedures, Packages, triggers, synonyms, etc. and when finally finish to load all thouse components is very slowly the app… Before update it didn’t happen. Coul you tell me what can I do? Please!!!

  1. make sure statistics on database are up to date (especially if you update the database - you didn’t say if the update was on Toad or the DB).

  2. These things will load faster in the Schema Browser if you log in as the owner of the objects.

  3. Go into Toad options and make sure that “Check for access to DBA views” is checked (just search for DBA in the options window). This one won’t help if you DON’T have privileges to these views.