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Local Storage/Cross-connection Capabilites Dissappeared

I have lost local storage and hence cross-connection query capability this week for some unknown reason. I am currently getting the classic: "Unable to connect to any of the specified Cross Query hosts." error when trying to open a cross-connection query, or "Unable to connect to any of the specified Local Storage hosts." when trying to connect to local storage. At this point I'm less concerned about why it happened than I am about how I can get it back. So far, I have:

  • Verified that guardian.lock file does not exist before starting Toad.
  • "deleted/reset" Local storage.
  • Completely uninstalled and reinstalled (Toad Data Point 4.3 32-bit), including deleting the empty directories left behind after uninstalling.

As a side note, I do not see the hubproxy.exe or guardian.exe processes in task manager, either under the Toad app or as background processes, so this is obviously an issue, But then again, why do I see guardian lock file?

I have a "/log=all" Toad.log file in which I start Toad, connect to two databases, and the try to start a cross-connection query, that I will update when I'm no longer classed as a new user on this forum. It's telling that the obvious error "HUBGUARDIAN 18364: Attempt (62606): Error 2003: Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (10061)" and "PREPROCESS_EXCEPTION Error Message - There was a connect error. Check that the username and password are correct, that you have registered this user using the registration tab, and that the registered user has not been disabled" figure prominently in the log.

I suggest you start Toad and try to connect to Local Storage. Then generate a support bundle and open a support ticket. There we can get the proper engineers to debug this.

How do I generate a support bundle and what is the support link (or set of options to select on the support page) to open a ticket from?

Never mind. I think I've got it.

It should all be available from Help menu