Local Storage Server Version - Syntax error

When trying to use script that works in a MSSQL environment, on a table stored in the Local Storage Connection, I get the following error:

"You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your Local Storage server version for the right syntax to use near..."

Where can I find out which specific syntax I should be using instead for the Local Storage Connection, and is it possible to change this so that the scripts can be interchangeable with other databases I am connected to?

Local Storage in Toad Data Point Pro is a MySQL database under the covers, so SQL code that's derived from another platform (like your SQL Server) will most likely not work.

You didn't mention what the nature of your code is, but it appears that you can connect to your Local Storage and you can see the table that you created (somehow) there. if you right-click on that Local Storage table within TDP's Object Explorer, you should see a Generate SQL option that will generate valid SELECT, UPDATE, etc. syntax for your table. This should provide you with some insight as to how to reference the table.

Alternatively, you can check MySQL reference docs for the proper syntax of operations you're trying to perform on your Local Storage table.

Thanks for the information. I'm trying out some of the automation features and utilizing tables across various databases, and the tables in the Local Storage Connection were created via the Import Wizard & other output options. It was recommended in several of the reference materials that it's best to use the Local Storage Connection for certain automation tasks.