Error connecting to Local Storage

I am getting this error when connecting to Local Storage via TDP 3.5:

Incorrect information in file: ‘.\mysql\proc.frm’

However, in TDP 3.6 Beta, the connection works fine.

Thoughts on how can I resolve this issue?

I believe this has something to do with one of your objects that are stored on disk. Do you have objects in local storage that you want to persist? If not I would shut down both TDP 3.5 and 3.6 and rename the local storage data dir. You can find this path in the options as shown below.

Local Storage has data that I need. If I do follow your suggestion, will I lose my tables?

Yes, you would. Prior to doing the above suggestion, I would connect in TDP 3.6 Beta and export the tables to csv and reimport them back into LS afterwards.