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Login Error when using the Automation Designer


I’ve done an upgrade of my TOAD for Oracle to version 12.6. In the older version I had Automation Designer setup to run various scripts throughout the day. I did have to recreate every scheduled item to run. Unfortunately none of my scripts are running. I’m getting the following message:

“Password not specified. Command line execution requires a saved password on the login screen, an overridden connection using the -c command line option, or a parameter file. Refer to the help for more information. Database connection failure”

I’ve not had this happen before. I do have the appropriate login names and passwords saved as these automatically show when I manually login. Is there something I’m missing? How can I fix this?

In advance, thanks for your help.


Edit the actions in the automation designer and re-associate them with your connection. See if that works.


I’m attempting that. I’ll report back after the next one finishes running.



I’ve gone back in and attempted to re-associate each app to run automatically. Only one is working (isn’t that odd?). I’m thinking now the best thing to do is to delete each application and then create a new one altogether. Unfortunately I’m unable to delete any of the existing scheduled items. Is there a special way to do this?

Thanks for your help.


What do you mean unable to delete scheduled items? Are you getting an error? On the Scheduled Items page you should be able to select and delete. If there’s something blocking you from doing this they are just setup through the Windows Task Scheduler so you can always go into there to manage them as well.

Regarding the re-associate, did you open every action and then use the Change Session dropdown to set them to your connection and click Apply? I can’t recall if there’s logic to ignore the connection association if Toad thinks it’s not changing. You could make a second connection and associate each action with the dummy connection and then back to the intended target.

As I type this out I’m surprised we don’t have a rt-click operation to multi-select and associate actions with a connection. I’ll log this as it would be handy.


What I’ve ended up doing it going to the “Apps” tab and deleting all the apps. This also removed them from the “Scheduled Items” tab. I now have a new issue: Even though everything has been deleted and nothing shows on the scheduled item tab, I’m getting a “Information” update that says “A task with the name Business on the Books already exists.” This suggests to me that my tasks that were in my older version still exist somewhere and need to be deleted. However I can’t find where these are stored.


Thanks again for the help.


That message is coming from our task scheduling code. There must still be tasks setup with Windows. Go into Windows Task Manager and remove any tasks for Toad’s scheduled actions from there.


No one should every doubt you!! You were spot on.

I went into Windows Task Manager and deleted those tasks that were created through TOAD. I went back in, recreated them and created the new schedule for each. It has run perfectly.

As always, thanks again for your expert help!


You’re welcome and I’m thinking you were correct about your older Toad. Those tasks were probably pointing to the old Toad and that’s why the new couldn’t remove them.