LogMiner screen empty


In, running Database->Diagnose->LogMiner against our 19.6 DBs, the final screen that should show the mined logs grid is empty.

I did not try 15.1 GA, but I did use 15.0 GA, which works fine.

I can supply more info if that's not easily duplicated.


Hi Rich,

It looks like I had a bit of a toolbar mishap there. I had to make some changes to a lot of the toolbars in Toad to support dark mode. I think I broke it there. I'll fix for next beta.

Workaround: Go through the wizard like normal. Then when you get to the last step, leave the logminer window open and paste this SQL into the editor and run with F9. The "Run queries in threads" option must be disabled for this to work.

timestamp "Time Stamp",
session# "Session #",
sql_redo "SQL Redo",
sql_undo "SQL Undo"
Order by 1

There are, of course, other columns you could also select out of V$LOGMNR_CONTENTS.