Logminer not working for archive logs

When you choose select archive log files you see the list presented, you highlight the log file you want to mine, click ok, then a blank window appears with nothing you selected.
If you click next anyway, you get a screen with nothing in scn and a weird date

My version is beta

please let me know if you have a different experience

When I tested, here is what happened with (GA is available now, but the code in this window did not change between beta and GA). Tested on Oracle 12.2

  1. From the “Find Files” dropdown, I chose “Select from archive logs”.
  2. i Chose 1 file and hit OK.
  3. The dialog closed and the file that I selected appeared in the “Files to mine” box.
  4. I hit Next, Next, and then clicked the green “Run” triangle on the toolbar.
  5. it took a few seconds but I saw all the redo appear in the grid after that.

It sounds like maybe you have data in sys.v_$archived_log, but the files represented there no longer exist in the specified location on the server. That’s just a guess, but seems like a good thing to check.