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TIC Migration to a new server

We currently have dozens of automations set up using the “export data wizard” option. Within the export, we are sending data to excel files, and the file path utilizes the universal naming convention (UNC).

We will be replacing our existing server with a new server and a new server address. As a result, all of our UNC path names will be changing.

My question is this - is there an easy way to revise all of the UNC path names within the automations to reflect the new UNC path name?

As an example, let’s say the current excel file name receiving the exported data is “\XYZ-1\Shared\Automation\File1.xlsm”. The new name will be “\ABC-2\Shared\Automation\File1.xlsm”. Is it necessary to go into each automation, physically change the path name, and republish the automation, or is there an easier way?

The plan is to replace the server the night of 10/06/16, so a quick response would be ideal.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

The automation script is stored in _toad_automation.toad_auto_script table. The script column is a longblolb and contains the whole script in xml format. I assume you might be able to update the script through sql by using some kind of grep function. I have never tried that so not sure if this idea will work. Currently the only way to update that script is to edit and publish.


Thank you for responding.

I was afraid that might be the answer, but wanted to get your input just in case I had missed some kind of shortcut.

I was able to locate the export template path name and the excel file path name on the TIC server when I opened the automation file and export template file in Notepad, so I had wondered if it would be possible and safe to make the changes there rather than going through the publish action, but didn’t want to take the chance.

In your experience, is migrating TIC from one server to another a pretty rare occurrence?


i would not say that migrating is a rare occurrence. Eventually it is a necessity. But if you start thinking about all the things that might need to be changed in an automation script and/or TIC set up, it makes it a difficult task for us to anticipate how to help.

Perhaps this is a new issue, but it is definitely related.

We have now republished many of our automations. The automation kicks off as expected, the query pulls data and deposits the data into the correct excel spreadsheet. However, the excel macro is never initiated. We have gone into excel on the server and changed the trust center macro settings to enable all macros and trust access to the VBA. Yet the macros are not started.

Any idea what might be going on?

Where is the xlsm file? Is it on a network drive? We did work in this area in our latest TDP 4.0.1 patch. Can you download this and try with this new version of TDP?

Amazing! I don’t understand it, as TIC 3.1 with TDP 4.0 had worked on the previous server, but having TIC 3.1 with TDP 4.0.1 on the new server does seem to be working.

Thank you!