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Make label stick to FK relationship line



I have a model that has been reverse engineered and somehow the location of the relationship labels is messed up.

They never display next to the lines themselves. I can re-locate them using “Move caption to child”, but as soon as I move the tables around the label is again somewhere else. It never sticks to the relationship line.

The relationships where added using “Fill -> Child objects” to the workspace. Maybe that is the reason.

Is there anyway I can make the labels stick to the relationship lines again? When creating a relationship manually, it works as expected.




for the next release features like Move caption to parent, Move caption to child, Move caption to Center and Hide captions are planned. The next BETA should have all the features available. And the items should be added to menu, that means you will be able to execute actions for all existing objects, not just single selected item as it is now.



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“Move caption to child” is already available (in 4.3) and that is currently my workaround.

But unfortunately that doesn’t persist. So each time I move a table around, I need to find the label again and then actively adjust it its position again, which gets quite annoying when you want to layout a model with > 50 tabels (especially because the labels tend to be very far away from the table after moving the table around - they are really hard to find)

Why do those relations behave so much different to those that are created “from scratch”?

So I’m looking for a solution that will make them “sticky” again. A one time thing isn’t enough.



thanks for your feedback. You are right, there is area for improvements. We will try to improve it. I created new change request: optimize positions of captions. CR# 103798.




Interesting enough the labels got “sticky” again after I did an automatic layout.



CR 103798 is going to be a part of the next BETA 5.2.3 coming out soon.