Make Toad for Oracle look like SQL Server Management Studio


I would just like to make Toad for Oracle look like SQL Server Management Studio. So basically I want to see a tree view on the left panel that shows DB objects (the tree will even show table columns in there, not in a right side panel) and a query editor on the right side. On the bottom of the editor I would see a query results grid. The attached image shows what I mean.

I don't see how to achieve this in Toad. The best I could do was some vertical tile of Schema Browser and Editor, but that is far from what I want to see. SQL Management Studio shows the 2 windows very tightly coupled, so I don't need to do any tiles in there.

How can I achieve this?



I am trying to do the same thing. Were you able to figure this out?

For the schema browser to be a tee view - this is trivially easy to do - see blogs:…/390.customizing-toad-to-taste.aspx