Schema browser on left, editor on the right


Toad got messed up or something and reverted to its original settings. I can’t find anywhere where I can find the settings to have the left side of the screen with the schema browser & all the tables/packages/views on the left hand side and on the right hand side. Does any one remember or know?



Start Toad, Open Schema Browser, Open Editor. Then, on the keyboard - Alt, W, V.

Thanks but I tried that and its not what I wanted. This gives me 2 different screens. It splits the screen. I had one screen that had the schema browser window and then as a part of that one screen, the editor showed up on the right. This way everything is crammed wrong and its worse than before.

Can you please tell me how to undo that?

You mean like this? Just open the schema browser, browse to a package and click it. The display on the right is read-only but it sounds like this is what you saw before.

In TOAD, go to the View menu, click on Object Palette, then attach the palette to the left of the screen. I have the schema on the left side showing all of the tables in my database and in the right hand side, I have the editor and it is fully functional and not just Read Only.

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Open the schema browser and press F12 key…took me awhile to figure this one out also