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Make Toad portable?

Hi community,

I know Toad from my previous employer, now I’m working freelance in customers offices using a free tool by Oracle.

I still liked Toad more, but I would like to install it on my USB stick so I can use it as Portable software at the customers I go to.

Is that possible?

Thanks in advance.


See 2 blogs written on Toad World – many questions like these are answered

Thanks for the quick response!

One more (smaller) issue:
If I run Toad this way, does it still write to the registry of the client PC on which I run PortableApps with Toad?

I ask this, because the client PC at one of my customers it blocked pretty solid.
So for any value to be written to the registry I’ll have to go begging their IT people…

(Yep, it’s weird, I can support their engineering application & database, but a simple registry edit on the client PC is apperently too risky…)

The Cameyo home web page answers this – so the host registry is supposedly
a non-issue:

Application virtualization

A virtual app (or portable app) is a single .EXE file that holds an entire
application, including files, DLLs and registry. Virtual apps can be copied &
moved around like regular files and launched from anywhere without installation:
home, office, Dropbox, USB disk-on-key, laptop, network shares. With Cameyo’s
app virtualization, you can take your apps and data with you, anywhere.

Great, I’ll try it with my trial version.