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Master-Detail Browser: Enable resizing for all viewports

Hi Quest,

only the first grid view in the Master-Detail Browser can be manually resized by dragging. Is it possible to include a draggable divider between all the grids?


I guess you found these buttons. They aren't as convenient as a splitter but they work. I probably added them because I had some difficulty in adding a splitter in the first place. I'll try again. A splitter would be lot nicer.

To be honest: I totally forgot about those... Thanks, that helps. So the draggable option is now officially downgraded to "nice to have" :wink:

Somehow related: "Optimize dataset heights" could be improved, too. It does shrink the grids even if there is plenty of space available.

Yeah I guess the term "Optimize" is subjective. The original intent of that was to show up 5 rows in the detail datasets, and shrink the grids if they have fewer rows.

Oh, and if there are more rows in some of the grids of course - showing empty space would be contrary to the function :wink:

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