Master Detail Browser filtering features buggy

Hello everyone,

my team leader is very creative in using all TOAD features and finding bugs. And here are the newest two of them:

Bug 1: Open the Master Detail Browser in a database with VCS activated. Go into type "Table", owner "TOAD" and name "TCX_OBJECTS". Add TCX_OBJECT_HISTORY as detail.

Now type in the following in the filter for TCX_OBJECTS:
-- This is a comment

Click Okay, everything is fine. Now open the filtering window again, select coumn OBJECT_TYPE, operator = and value 'Package Body'. Click "Add to Filter (And)" and then click Okay.

Now you get an error message, because the filtering window produces some rubbish and puts everything on a single line.

Bug 2: Clear filter and chose OBJECT_TYPE = 'Package Body' again (without anything else such as comments and 1=1 etc.). Everything is fine, the package bodies are listed. Now select any cell in the OBJECT_NAME column, click the dropdown right to the filter button and choose "Filter OBJECT_NAME by current value". The filter value is completely replaced by the OBJECT_NAME = '...' line instead of and-adding the OBJECT_NAME filter to OBJECT_TYPE = 'Package Body' as it does in the "normal" table grid outside the Master Detail Browser.

I hope you could understand my 40 year old school English (I did not use DeepL or something like that :wink: ) and also hope you can reproduce these two bugs.

Best regards from Germany

Hi Rainer,

Thanks. I can reproduce these and will fix.

For Bug 2 - The drop-down arrow in the Schema Browser is configurable, so you can "AND" the current value into the filter or replace it, depending on your preference. It seems like 10 years since I added that functionality in the Schema Browser! I guess I forgot to add it to the MD Browser. I will add it there too.

Perfect John, Thanks! :+1: