Annoying bug in session browser filtering


this refers to TOAD 15.1, earlier versions did not have this bug. Scenario: In the past I have used the following filters for table names (the asterik * I had to replace by @ because the asterik is used for HTML fomatting in this forum):


Now I begin to type @p, and the three old filters are offered in a list box. I can now use the cursor down key to navigate to e.g. @prg@, press the enter key - and the filter ist set.

When I type @pr, the old filter list consists only of @prg@, BUT: The cursor down key doesn't "navigate" to that entry (if you can call that navigatin with only one entry), and when I press enter, the filter @pr ist set, although the filter @prg@ was marked in the list.

Since I'm not a native English speaker I hope that my explanation ist good enough to understand... :slight_smile:

Best regrads from Germany

Hi Rainer,

I see that too. I'll try to fix it. We had to change the filter control because of dark mode.

FYI, you can use the tick mark ` to escape formatting, like this:



I always use five asteriks for my passwords :wink:

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Hi John,

in our developer team we still found some issues in the schema browser filtering. Let's start with clearing the filter history, then do the following to reprodruce the issues:

  1. Type *liz* and press Enter - objects are filtered like expected.
  2. Type z* and press Enter. Since *liz* appears as the only entry in the suggestion list, it will be used for filtering, although I typed z*.

Two things are wrong here. *liz* should not appear in the list when I type z*. And even worse, the wrong selection is used for filtering. The main problem is, in my opinion, that a list entry is marked that does not match with the text entry.

I hope you can reprodruce and fix these issues, especially our team leader would be very happy :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance and best regards from Germany

Hi Rainer.

I can reproduce that and have logged it. I'll get it fixed soon.


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There is an option (not currently exposed) for that control to do partial matches on search history. That's what's causing *liz* to appear in the dropdown when you type z*. I can turn that off, but I suspect some people like it, so I think I'll make that option configurable to the user.

Regarding the selection of the only item in the list when you hit ENTER - that's intentional behavior, but I see how it can be annoying when you actually want to filter by what is typed. If you want to use what you've actually typed, hit TAB or ESC instead of ENTER.