Annoying bug in session browser filtering


this refers to TOAD 15.1, earlier versions did not have this bug. Scenario: In the past I have used the following filters for table names (the asterik * I had to replace by @ because the asterik is used for HTML fomatting in this forum):


Now I begin to type @p, and the three old filters are offered in a list box. I can now use the cursor down key to navigate to e.g. @prg@, press the enter key - and the filter ist set.

When I type @pr, the old filter list consists only of @prg@, BUT: The cursor down key doesn't "navigate" to that entry (if you can call that navigatin with only one entry), and when I press enter, the filter @pr ist set, although the filter @prg@ was marked in the list.

Since I'm not a native English speaker I hope that my explanation ist good enough to understand... :slight_smile:

Best regrads from Germany

Hi Rainer,

I see that too. I'll try to fix it. We had to change the filter control because of dark mode.

FYI, you can use the tick mark ` to escape formatting, like this:



I always use five asteriks for my passwords :wink:

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