Error creating materialized view

How can I create materialized view log?.
I get the error below. For easier understanding can you create a materialized view using statement

with WIZARD. This will help me better in GIF.

Hi Matthew.

First, you should create a different user to test with, then log out of SYS and log in as your newly created user. Doing anything in the SYS schema is dangerous and it can wreck your database.

Second, that isn't an error, it's just telling you that you need to create a MV Log on this table before you can create a MV. ANd if you click 'Yes', it will take you to the Create MV Log window for the SYS.ARGUMENT$ table. But you should never do that to SYS's objects.

Cancel out of that window and do this

  1. Open the editor;
  2. paste this in:
    Create user matthew identified by matthew;
    grant dba to matthew;
  3. Hit F5 to run that
  4. log out, then log back in as matthew/matthew
  5. Now create whatever objects you want.


Thanks I will try that

You're welcome. After you are logged in as Matthew, an easy way to make a table to test with is to run this in the editor:

create table test_table as select * from dba_tables;

That will give you a table with about 3000 rows.

thank you john. I am able to create connection to the database. let me try the steps you have provided.