MDI Interace -- Desc Window


Not wanting to muddy up Phyllis’ thread, so I thought I’d start another. I fired up SDI in and got all ascared’n’stuff, so I switched back to MDI for now. :slight_smile: In v12, my F4 Describe pop ups go to another monitor. I have DisplayFusion Pro, if that matters, even though I have not defined a trigger to have the Desc window go to a specific monitor. In v13, the Desc window can still be dragged to another monitor in MDI mode, but having it open prevents switching to other windows in Toad while it’s up. Normally, I can to page through Toad windows, but now it just focuses the Desc window. Even selecting another window via the Window menu doesn’t switch 'em.

It’s Halloween. I should be brave and try SDI again. I like the thought of being able to have windows from multiple connections up in multiple monitors, but after 18ish years (really?) of MDI-type Toad, I’m gonna have to teach this old brain a new trick.

Thanks for the new beta Toad Folks!


Hey Rich,

If you’re not quite yet ready to dive into the SDI mode of Toad, you can always work in a “hybrid” mode by popping out the MDI windows that you want to work with separately. Just restore the MDI child window’s size, and then select “Pop-out Window” from the system menu. You can pop them out and in as needed, and only for the windows you want.

As for the issue you’re experiencing with Ctrl+Tab not paging through windows, it’s possible that the Descibe window was opened up in Modal style, which would prevent switching to another window. We’ll do some testing here to see if we can reproduce what you’re seeing.