Merge Summary Reports

How to merge the different summary reports into one overall summary report using Toad data point. I created the summary reports using the automation and created tas files. When I run the files there are different summary reports created and entered into folders. I need the summary reports merged. Or is there a way that the results for the summary reports written to a appended

There's no way that I know of to do this directly either in the TDP UI, or in TDP automation flows.
However, not saying that it can't be done.

What format is your "report" output in? If .txt or .csv (or some kind of flat file) you may want to place a "Run Program" task at the end of all your report outputs. The Run Program task basically shells out to the Windows operating system, and you can then call a utility via command line, or run Python/PowerShell/Dos commands or scripts.

For example, if all your outputs are in the same location (dir), you might get away with running something like this WinDos command to merge all your outputs into a new file called MergedOutput.txt:

for %f in (*.txt) do type "%f" >> MergedOutput.txt

Of course, you can/should google what command line or script might be appropriate for your use case.