Merge reports automation

I have two reports both portrait with different layouts based on different SQL queries. I want the reports (linked by a common Case_ID variable) to have one follow the other. I can do this manually with the report merge function and produce and save the PDF but I want to be able to automate the merge and produce 1 PDF file with both reports in it for a series of Case_ID’s. I can produce a series of PDF’s for each type of report but not for merged reports.

So you have two queries both having something like ‘Case_ID = 10’ in the WHERE clause and you have two reports based on those queries. You would like to automate creating those pairs of reports for let’s say CASE_ID = 1, 2, 3…10 and you want each pair for the same CASE_ID to be merged into single pdf finally producing 10 pdfs each one for the specific CASE_ID value. Is it what you want?



If you only want to merge two reports into one pdf, you just add them to the list in a Toad Data Report activity and it will merge them into one pdf file. See image.


Is it possible to merge two or more Reports (Report1, Report2) with different .tdr’s inside of each of them into one .pdf export file? I have different categories of Reports. I set variables for Report1, then, the next action is to set different variables for Report2, etc.

You can only merge reports into a single pdf that are listed in the same Toad Report activity. We don’t merge into an existing pdf.