Migration of user settings - failed again

Just installed new version of TOAD - 12.11, and again TOAD fails to acknowledge my previous installation (yes, 12.10) user settings should be migrated.

This should happen automatically, but again it does not - most possibly due to the Dell/Quest/Dell swing (again different paths).

Can’t you sort it out? Don’t you test it?

Yes, it’s tested and it works here. The only thing I could think of why it wouldn’t, is if it can’t access your user files directory for some reason - when you go to Utilities > Copy User Settings and select v12.10 - does it copy over ok?

No, previous installations/user settings locations are not listed there at all.

The only difference is the ones for 12.10 are located in AppData\Roaming\Dell\Toad for Oracle, while for 12.11 are in AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle.

Both directories have proper user permissions and are accessible.

The same thing happened some time ago when TOAD switched to “Dell”.

Obviously there must be a difference in user files location detection in both types of installation.

I managed to workaround it by using manual export/import option, just got irritated a bit when it happened again.