[minor] Double-click on tablespace name (Files instead General?)


For some time I thought this was some minor "bug" but using 16.2 now it's still present, so just wanted to know if this is the intended behaviour:
When double-clicking a tablespace name, the 'General' section is shown, then it finishes loading and defaults to 'Files'. I find it a bit weird, showing one screen and then moving to another (specially because most times I double click on them is to put the tablespaces in read-only mode, and that's under General) :smiley:


Hi Freddy

I think we default to files because years ago, some users asked us to default it to the files tab, because usually when they go in there they were resizing or adding files.

I guess I could make it remember the last active tab, then everyone would win. Maybe?


That would be nice :slight_smile:
For me, the weird thing was seeing 'General' first, then automatically switching to 'Files'.


Yeah it would be better if you didn't see it switch.