Tablespaces not refreshing after altering in Schema Browser


I don’t know if this behavior is as intended, but I think it could be improved: if you change a tablespace from READ ONLY to writable -or the opposite-, the lock icon remains in place until you manually refresh the window.

Shouldn’t that be done automatically? (at least, for the affected tablespace)


There’s an option for that. Options -> Schema Browser -> Left Hand Side -> Refresh Schema Browser after an object is created/altered

Indeed it is, thanks!!!



I enabled the option but didn’t try it until now… it seems that altering the read_only attribute for tablespaces doesn’t trigger the autorefresh of left side :frowning:


What’s your process to alter the tablespace? I thought you were double-clicking in and going into the alter tablespace dialog, but maybe you are changing it to read only some other way.

Yes, that’s it. Double click or right-click and ‘Alter tablespace’, go to ‘Basic Info’ tab, and the check (or uncheck) the read-only button.

The lock icon doesn’t appear or disappear - there’s no refresh of the left side after performing the operation.


It’s working as expected for me. There are two checkboxes in options - one to refresh after creates, the other to refresh after alters. You have the “alter” one checked, right?

I have both of them checked, but it’s not working.

I’m using the Dropdown view, are you using it too?

Yes, dropdown. WIll you click Help -> Support Bundle and send me that information? You can email it to me directly if you’d like:

Thanks, I emailed the info.

Incase anyone is following this thread: The problem only happened when the Schema Browser was set to a schema other than the login schema. It’s fixed for when betas start again.


I've noticed that this issue is happening in TOAD 13.1 Final.
Could you please check if it's present in latest 13.2 beta as well and fix it?


For me, it works in 13.1. Make sure this option is checked:

Options -> Schema Browser -> Left Hand SIde -> Refresh Schema Browser after an object is altered.

Yup, that worked! I guess if those options should be enabled by default...


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