Missing filter dialogue window using Windows 11

Good morning,

I opened a filter dialogue on Toad and switched to another window. Now, I cannot locate that dialogue window. I cannot do anything on TOAD. I used to use side by side on Windows 10 to locate but it's not available in Windows 11. I understand that can kill Toad from Task Manager and start it over.


I'm guessing that the filter dialog is hidden perhaps behind another window or panel?

Anyway, yes, you can terminate Toad via the Task Manager. Hopefully, you won't lose any work, but Toad has a nice document recovery feature.

Hi Andy,

It does sound like the filter dialog is hidden behind Toad. You might be able to just hit ENTER or ESC to close it.

Sometimes another trick that works is Alt+Space, then M, then move the mouse (or use arrow keys) to move the hidden window to the side where you can see it. (You can test this first with a window that you can see. It sounds tricky but it really isn't)

Can you let me know which Toad version you are on, and how to reproduce it? Then hopefully I can fix. There are a couple of filter dialogs in Toad, so I'm not sure which one you mean, and also it probably matters which window in Toad you invoked it from.



Hi John,

Hitting Esc is probably the easiest way for me. The filter dialogue was just happened totally behind data grid. Thanks a lot!
P.S. Alt+Space, then M only works on current window, which is dialogue.

Hi Andy,

Alt+Space, then M only works on current window, which is dialogue.

Right - that was my point. To use that trick to move the dialog over so it's not behind Toad anymore. But that only works if Toad isn't maximized.

Anyway, if you can provide some steps to reproduce it, I'll check it out.




type a table name on Toad editor > F4 > Data tab > Click on Filter (dialogue totally behind data grid > Open a browser, which covers all screen > Go back to Toad

I hope you can upgrade your Toad version, Wayside, because 10.x is probably about 10-12 years old... LOTS of enhancements since then... just encouraging ya...

Hi Andy,

Thanks for the details. I was able to reproduce the problem in 10.6. The dialog got sandwiched between Toad and the describe window. ESC worked as you noted. So did the Alt+Space, M trick. ENTER did not.

This is fixed in the current version.


Wow, nice. Thanks!