Missing functionality in 6.1


I’ve got now the 6.1 Version (befor 4.5) from SQL NAV.

What I’m missing in 6.1 (DB-Explorer) to 4.5 is:

Cannot see/manage Users.
Cannot see/manage Snapshots.
Cannot see columns in Views.

By using the same Database, User und Password as in 4.5

Is that normal ?


The DB Explorer does not contain all features of DB Navigator (yet). We would like to promote the DB Explorer more for Development work related tasks. We will be working to close the gap in future releases...

Those features you mentioned are still available in 6.1 in DB Navigator (as in 4.5). There is a preference to have the DB Navigator displayed, please refer to the attached screen, please unselect the highlight preference to have the DB Navigator displayed for each connection established.

You can bring the DB Navigator up any time, under View->DB Navigator or using the DB Navigator button on the main form toolbar.

In in up coming release, you will have an option to display (ONLY) the DB Navigator as in 4.5 after connection, or have the DB Explorer displayed (as part of the Code Editor). This preference has alread been implemented in our current 6.2 Beta build. Please check it out.

Please let us know if you would need any further assistance.

Thanks and regards,

Thanks Bruce,
very helpful your hint.