Toad World® Forums Does not see the table privileges which I can see in



It seems that selecting the privileges has be changed to use the all-vies instead of the dba-views. Additional the preference to use dba views has be gone.

See the differences in my resulting DB Navigator, Preferences Dialog and the log of sql tracker.




6.1.txt (5.2 KB)



6.4.txt (4.26 KB)


Hi Torsten,

We made changes in 6.4 to remove the Preferences “Enable using DBA views” option. But you can select the same option in Logon dialog when you’re creating a new session. Please close all sessions and check the check box “Enable using DBA views” in Logon dialog then make a connection again. Things should become normal to you.

Let me know this helps to not.



Ok - this solves the problem.

As I have a lot of saved sessions in my project manager - is it possible to edit this preference in save sessions too?