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Missing the "ORA-01086: sikringspunktet 'A' er aldrig blevet oprettet i denne session" in TOAD

When making af rellback to a savepoint that does not exist TOAD does not display thw above error/warning whereas SQL Developer and SQL Plus does.

Please make TOAD give the same error as SQLPLus.


drop table dan;

create table dan (id number);
insert into dan values (1);
insert into dan values (2);
savepoint a;

update dan set id=3 where id = 2;;

select * from dan;

savepoint b;
delete from dan where id = 3;


delete from dan where id = 1;

select * from dan;
rollback to savepoint a;

select * from dan;

It of course rolls back to the commit statement … but you get diff. messages from executing it.

best redards

How do I report this as an error ? Noone seems to answer it here?

Sorry for not replying sooner. We can reproduce your problem and we’ve discussed it internally. Toad is just doing a commit or rollback and leaving off the rest of the command. We’ll reply again when it’s fixed.

OK, it should be fixed in the next beta, not including today’s (if we release one today)