PL/SQL: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

I am attempting to compile/recreate some triggers that show errors. For this one I get 4 errors with the topic as the message.

  1. Points to FOR EACH ROW. Is it referring to the table in the line above?
  2. Points to the middle of the variable p_cmn_pgm_log_id_in => NULL); in an error message assignment for the application.
  3. Points to END IF;
  4. Points to the middle of the variable p_cmn_pgm_log_id_in => NULL); in an error message assignment for the application.

I don't see where there is a table associated with those errors.

If there are comments at the top of the trigger, they could be throwing off the error line. You might try temporarily removing them.

No comments anywhere

It's hard to say what's going on there without seeing your code, or seeing the window you are working on in Toad. The more details you give, the better. Screenshots of the entire Toad window are helpful. Toad version and Oracle version can also be helpful.

I just looked at a trigger with lots of errors in Schema Browser -> Triggers. When I double-click on any of these errors, they all go to lines that make sense for me.


Yes, I know it's difficult. Let me see if I can sanitize screen shots and show you what's going on. My customer is rather touchy about displaying code etc. on a public forum. That would make it much easier.

Still getting the errors... here they are:

It shows line 4 for the 1st one... here is what it is

The 31 line points to a column name, not a table... line 66 the same... 93... same...
Line 1032

Oh, and all those line numbers are associated with the Source tab in TOAD.

Your screen shots are so zoomed in that I really don't have any context as to what is going on here.

I know you are hesitant to share any object names or proprietary code, but if you could work up some generic example and send a script along with specific steps on how to reproduce the problem, we'll take care of it.


Let me see what I can do. They are pounding on me to get this fixed. The system was poorly designed and implemented; I really don't see how it worked previously. There are views, synonyms, etc. with the same names!

Worst case, I could send the code directly to you (support team). Publishing it here is definitely not allowed, but I think I could justify sending it to you directly.

You can send it to me directly if you want. My email address is

For what it's worth, I am on the development team, not the support team. Support doesn't monitor this forum. You have to go to if you want to talk to them (and then they'll talk to me or one of the other developers if they can't solve the problem)