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Mistyping and double pasting

I have just installed Toad for oracle trial [] for my personal use. However, when I type something, additional letter gets typed.
Ex: If I do a Ctrl+Z, z gets added. If I paste something. It gets double pasted. Using the software has become very buggy.

My system has 8GB RAM with 7th Gen i5. My RAM usage is usually around 85% and CPU usage around 30%. Please guide why is this happening so.

This is due to a recent update with Citrix Workspace App. If you don't need to have that application installed on your PC, remove it. If you must have it installed - uninstall it and reinstall it but leave the "App Protection" option unchecked.

They have a bug due to improper handling of the HC_NOREMOVE message code. Details here

We have a workaround in place for Monday's release of Toad 14 beta. However, to work around it, Toad must also handle that message code improperly, so to activate the workaround you must enter this in your Toad.ini file under the [SETTINGS] section. We haven't yet found any ill effects of the workaround, but we are being cautious about it.


This was also brought up here.

Hi John,
I am confused. I am unable to find Toad.ini file. I have can see two files "TOAD_SESSBROWFILTERS.INI" & "ToadStyles.ini".
The workaround you have given, where shall I update it? I found one [settings] in "TOAD_SESSBROWFILTERS.INI". Shall I update it there?
Or shall I uninstall the current version & install the Toad 14 beta?

The Toad.ini edits only apply to the Toad 14 beta, not the Toad 13.3 trial. The beta won't run unless you have a paid version of 13.3.

The solution for you would be to deinstall Citrix Workspace App, or at least deinstall/reinstall without the "App Protection" option.

For what it's worth, this is how you can find Toad.ini:

  1. Go to Toad Options
  2. Click on "General" on the left, then "Open Folder" on the right. A windows explorer window will open.
  3. Important: Close Toad at this point.
  4. In the explorer window, browse down into the "User Files" folder.
  5. Toad.ini will be in the User Files folder. You can edit it with notepad.