Model Properties and Sync&Convert



When I use Sync&Convert wizard to convert from Oracle 9i to 10g,
the Model Properties Before Script and After Script are not converted.
(Selection, Detailed Settings, Model After Script and Before Script were selected).


Something else I’ve just noticed.
I open the Oracle 9 model, perfom Sync&Convert.
The title bar shows “Unsaved Model”
I save the model. The title bar still shows “Unsaved Model”.
It stays this way until it is refreshed (e.g. by making the Oracle 9 model active again, then going back to the Oracle 10 model)

M Oakes

Hello Malcolm,

Before Script and After Script in Model Properties during model conversion - this problem has been resolved in Beta (66 444). The fix will be available in next full TDM version.
Note: If you test it in the Beta, please take notice of the checkbox Comment Out Database Specific Items on page Settings in the Sync & Convert Wizard. Not to comment out the script, clear this checkbox.

Title bar - Unsaved Model
Yes, this problem has been reported (CR 69 187) and already fixed for the next Beta.



Vladka + TDM Team