Convert does not recognise older model


I opened a model last modified in our current version of TDM (, in TDM, then saved/closed it (ModelA).
I then RE’d a model from a live database and saved as a new model (ModelB).

I wanted to compare the two models.

However if I open both models in TDM, the conversion tools (model Merge and Sync&Convert wizard) only recognise ModelB.

S&C shows both models in the list for Source but (whichever I select for source) there are no models shown for Destination.

If I try and open ModelA from a file in S&C I get
“Valid source (model, file etc.) has not been selected.”

Please advise.


Hi Malcolm,

please make sure both models are for the same target datbase, e.g. Oracle 10g and not Oracle 10g and Oracle 11g. The Sync & Convert wizard allows you to work with models for the same target database.



Thanks Vaclav, I had a 9i and a 10g