Sync & Convert ignores detail settings on physical properties


I get stuck in using Sync & Convert Wizard after little editing in the pem and then generate an alter script to let it run on an oracle 10g database. In the wizard i do a detailed setting and unchecked the node Entities->Keys->Using Index Properties and the node Entities ->Physical Properties.

First of all: These detailed settings are poor documented but

Second: The wizard afterwards lists differences in the Using Index Properties of the primary key. (STORAGE clause in Oracle)

How to do the detailed settings to let them ignore these difference?

I am using TDM 5.1



Hello Frank, can you send us the models to, please? I did a quick test and got expected result, there might be some other dependency… Thank you, Vaclav

I sended the models (left and right side) this morning

Hi Frank, thank you. Unfortunately we are not able to reproduce it. Can you send us screenshots of your settings, please? Thank you.


Hallo Vaclav,

I just mailed screenshots to you made with wink. These screenshots only contain the error. But:

Before taking this shots, everything went right when I first started TDM and that went directly to the Wizard. But when I ended the wizard and start it again without a restart of TDM, the error comes up. It seams as if it depends on the order GUI Items are clicked.

I went for- and backward in the wizard, checked and unchecked Boxes and so on.

As you could see, the error happens. But sometimes it does not. I guess it’s not easy to find.

Hi Frank,

thank you very much for sending us the movie. It really helped. There is a bug in version 5.1. If you go back and forward in the wizard, the settings are not re-evaluated properly.

Quick workaround: uncheck the Physical Properties and Using Index Properties checkboxes when you enter section Select Object Types for the first time (in other words do not use the Back button for going back to the settings) and the comparison will work fine.

Version 5.2 BETA works fine. The next official version that should be released in few weeks will not contain that bug.

Thank you again,



thx for your answer and for making this clear for everyone.

And I thank you for sending us all the valuable details.