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Model Update and Generate checkbox

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I have designed in one of my models some relationships that I don’t wanted to be deployed to the database. So, some relationship I want to be deployed some not. For all relationships that I don’t want deployed I’ve ticked off the “generate” checkbox and the result was as expected, only the relationships with generated checkbox ticked were in the alter script. (forward engineering).

The problem/question is if I make an model update the merge model form tries to delete theses relationships from my model as they are not existing in the database. Is there a way to tell the model merge process to ignore from the comparison all the relationships that dont have the “Generate” checkbox ticked? something the same as by forward engineering.

Sure, I can tick off in the merge form all the delete actions for the relationships that dont need to be deleted but there are quite a bit of relationships and the model update happens quite often too, so this is not a resonable solution for me.

Any other ideea?

Thank you

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unfortunately it is not possible to filter items by “generate” checkbox. If the amount of modifications is not significant, maybe the fastest solution would be in doing just comparison and updating your model manually.