Model Merging option


When merging models/producing change scripts, all the differences are given a blue arrow (indicating they will be inlcuded in any merge). To exclude a change you need to go through the items and deselect them.

Could we have an option to set up the following before the comparison starts;
1 - all included (as now)
2 - LH included, RH excluded
3 - LH excluded, RH included
4 - all excluded

This would give a selectable starting point for the merge and reduce the time taken to set up a merge of just a few items.
An example would be where new tables have been created in the development database. Just the new tables could be REd into a model and that small model easily merged into the full model using option 2 above. At the moment you either go through each item or deselect everything (which takes a long time for TDM to process) and add the parts you want.


Hello Malcolm,

Thanks for suggesting the new options. We will consider it. CR # 46 090.

Anyway, in latest Beta 3.1.3 (4), the model merge works a bit different. Only items of Model1 that are missing in Model2 are given the blue arrow.

Please feel free to check it out.

If you have any questions or remarks, please write us.